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Quality printing, compatible ink cartridges and cheap printer toners.
Infallible tricks to save ink.
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Save a few euros of consumables.
If you are one of those who spend a fortune on paper and printer ink and you had not even noticed, you are in the right post: today we will talk about infallible tricks to save ink and keep a good euro that you normally spend on consumables.
Even if you don’t believe it, the consumption of paper and ink in an office is higher than you think, I invite you to make accounts and you will see that the result will surprise you.
If you are tired of spending money on consumables, practice the following tricks to save ink and you will see how your spending on consumables decreases.
The manufacturer of the printer regardless of its brand configures the printer to consume as much ink as possible. Basically, the manufacturer does not earn much from the sale of the printer, its biggest monetary contribution is received from the sale of printer cartridges or consumables, so they try harder every day to make it difficult for compatible cartridge manufacturers and companies recharge
The new printers usually incorporate technology that rejects the use of compatible consumables and refills, that at least during the first months until companies seek solution and solve the inconvenience that does not allow the use of their compatible cartridges or refills.
If you want to save ink configure your printer there are eco modes and the famous draft mode, which basically spends less ink and continues to see the texts with great quality, however for images it is not the same.
If you want to configure your printer so that you save much more ink, check the following aspects on the configuration screen of your printer (you get to it through the control panel and then select devices and printers, look for the option to adjust printing options).
PRINT QUALITY: here are several modes; Look for the lowest or draft mode.
RESOLUTION: it is the measure that comes out in DPI, the lower the less ink you spend.
Press the PRINT TEXTS IN BLACK option, Juice & Soft Drinks even if you don’t believe it, you can use color when printing text, it is best to avoid this unnecessary leak and check this option.
There are some printers with the option SAVING CARTRIDGE activate it.
Make sure your printer has all the drivers installed, otherwise it will not show you the printing options.
Many do not know that there are a number of tools to make your life easier, technology and applications to save ink are the order of the day for those who wish to use them there are thousands of programs on the network, however I will talk to you of the best known that are completely free and that are proven to help save the consumable.
ECOFONT: this is a novel invention; It is a source that allows savings of up to 50% in consumable expenses. How do you do this? Simple the filling the letter is not solid but it is satisfied with a series of points that help to save.
ECOPRINT: this program is necessary to save ink and as pleasant as it tells you how much ink you have been able to save.
GREENCLOUD: basically it is a group of tools that allow you to save ink.
PRINTWHATYOULIKE: This is a web application that allows you to take websites and print them in a way that makes printing more economical.
CLEVERPRINT: This is a program that allows intelligent printing of documents in order to save ink consumption.
PRINTFRIENDLY: this website is similar to a search engine, in it you put the web address and it shows what an ecological version of it calls that you can print without so much ink consumption.
Normally the programs you use to edit, create and print documents have a direct option in your taskbar to print DON’T USE IT; This always looks for the most optimal impression and therefore the one that consumes the most ink.
Instead of using the shortcut you must go through the print configuration option and place the document in draft mode or in eco mode or low ink consumption, after this proceed to print. You can’t imagine how much you would save if you do.
With printing you should always ask yourself: Is it necessary to print? You are paying a fee for your credit card through your bank account via online, because instead of printing the receipt do not create a folder called banks saved in digital print format and you even put the description you want, really: simple, easy and accessible but above all economic.
And if you think you cannot access it, do not worry with a tool like Google Drive, you will have your documents when you need them where you need them, just one click away …
Even if you don’t believe it, the digital format is widely used, there are so many tools that you can have it synchronized even with your mobile phone. Information clouds free gigas to save what you want and access this information when it suits you, today technology is a good ally if you want to save a couple of euros.
If you are one of those who download books and print them because not a Kindle device in stores like Amazon are sold at a very low price, and you also have access to thousands of publications worldwide. Obviously the paper will never stop being necessary but if we can be a little more friendly with the environment and instead of printing long documents download applications that allow you to read easily and accessible from all your devices: mobile, Tablet, laptop, computers and even Smart TVs is simply a success.
Try to download three utilities that are necessary for you to organize your documents efficiently:
PDF printer
Electronic Book Reader or Ebook.
CALIBER an application that transforms your documents into electronic books.
Basically, I will give you 5 Tips that will help you reduce your ink consumption dramatically:
You don’t want to use the Ecofont, you want to be able to use the font that you like the most, however you should know that it depends on the type of font more or less ink will be spent; Fonts like Broadway have more ink charge than Century or Arial Narrow.
Learn to choose wisely with what type of source you will write your documents and you will see how there is substantial savings.
With the correct typology spending less ink is a reality.
If your prints are only text you can print only in draft mode, if the document is loaded with images do not worry you can also save ink.
It will help you print images in good quality without so much waste of ink and you can even do without the expensive color cartridge.
This is very important, sometimes we download a website and print it as it appears, that way you spend too much ink save a little and print only what is necessary.
If you want to save ink you just have to get one of the programs that I mentioned.
Now that you know how to save ink, put these tips into practice and tell me how it worked for you …

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